The Divine is in all, as all, without any judgement or separation. The Divine is Perfect Love. You are the Divine, and the Divine is immovable and complete as Is.  It is by surrendering all that is not this perfect already present love, that one begins to experience what all scriptures throughout recorded history have attempted to share.                                                                                                                                                                  - Bud-Ra-KCri-Da

For those tired of trying to “fix” a boss, a wife, a husband, kids, clean up poor habits and can’t seem to figure it all out, Bud-Ra-KCri-Da asks, “What if you didn’t need to figure it all out? What if you no longer bought into the “appearance” of drama in your life or in your mind?”  
Master Bud-Ra-KCri-Da is offering spiritual discourses and his most en-light-ening  good company to help individuals  “Get off the Merry-Go-Round,“ once and for all. 
Bud-Ra-KCri-Da  emphatically states that the way to transcend  fear-based thinking and living is to self-express from a pure, conscious, divinely opened heart. A divinely-opened heart is the highest form of self-expression – the simple truth and essence of  one and all.

To live from the conscious heart, the heart needs to regain its natural state and not be overruled by the confused and controlling mind.  By the grace of the realized master, our fears are dissolved and our hearts are finally opened.  Only then, can we be truly compassionate, creative, loving, and free.

Such grace  is provided by the attractive and heartfelt relationship between a Realized being and the fully surrendered aspirant.  The immeasurable  gift of association with a Realized being has been declared by numerous great saints, sages and Yogis as the supreme and most direct path to experiencing ultimate  self transcendence. It is only through the grace of such a being  that one receives this opening and thus quickens the dissolution of assumed personal limits and negative tendencies.  These undesirable characteristics are the common veils of one who is ignorantly living from a context of separation from ultimate Source or primal essence (often times referred to as God). Such a practice/process/association or relationship with a realized teacher leads to what is most commonly called en-light-en-ment and/or re-emergence as the very divine that you’ve always already been. 


Bud-Ra-KChri-Da is such a realized siddha/teacher/guru/guide.  Bud-Ra-KChri-Da  lives in and as the continuously spiritual, transcendental, love-bliss-full  state of  the Divine Self.  By divine grace, Bud-Ra-KChri-Da received spiritual transmission from Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, the sage from Tiruvannamalai, India; Arunachala Ramana, and then, as his final baptizing realizer, the incomparable Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Bud-Ra-KChri-Da acknowledges that it is only by the grace-filled transmission  gifted to him by these great Beings  and their all pervading lineage, that he is able to offer this supreme gift and relationship to all who enter into his company with the utmost of sincerity.

The Gift

Bud-Ra-KChri-Da is a realizer who lives as purposeful action, pure contentment, perfect forgiveness, and unity-with-all. Via supreme grace, Bud-Ra-KChri-Da  is confident he can bring true peace and ultimate contentment to those who seriously desire it.  This peace-filled love-blissful state is the always already present condition of all manifested appearances.  Unfortunately, humanity is meditating everything but communion with such a Truth.

The immeasurable gift of association with the realizer, necessarily facilitates and effortlessly dissolves egoic tendencies, negative character traits, and deepest fears (or non-love).  We then love freely and openly without any fear of reprisal.

Bud-Ra-KChri-Da is here to teach, to awaken, and to ultimately transmit his love-bliss state to all so called others.

Welcome home, the seeking and searching is finally over….

This is  Sanity for Humanity ! ! !