The Divine is in all, as all, without any judgement or separation. The Divine is Perfect Love. You are the Divine and the Divine is immovable and complete as Is.  It is by surrendering all that is not this perfect already present transcendental love that one begins to experience what all scriptures throughout recorded history (to the best of their ability and authors realization) have attempted to share.                                                                                                                                                                  - Bud-Ra-KCri-Da

For those who are sure “at the core of their being” there’s some-thing incomplete/false and or unfulfilling/hollow about ones existence or world .. For those who have hit a wall or an insatiable dissatisfaction in their lives, Religion and or spiritual practice..(no matter the presumed gradation)  For those who demand the experience  of an authentic spiritual life. (not mere mind based beliefs and dogma) For those who  undoubtedly feel an inherent suffering and or incompleteness underlying what appears to be this world .. For those who demand the truth of ones existence and nothing less.. 
 Bud-Ra-KCri-Da asks “What if you no longer needed to figure it all out?  What if you no longer were pulled by/bought into the “appearance” of drama in your life-world or body/mind?”  
 Bud-Ra-KCri-Da is offering spiritual discourses and his most en-light-en-ing  good company to help individuals  “Get off the Merry-Go-Round,” once and for all. 
Bud-Ra-KCri-Da  emphatically states that the way to transcend  fear-based thinking and living is to self-express from a pure, conscious, divinely opened heart. A divinely-opened transcendental heart is the highest form of self-expression – the simple truth and essence of one and all. The transcendental heart is the portal to what the body/mind cannot comprehend.. Upon experiencing/manifestation of this “Transcendental Heart” the so called body-mind  then naturally knows its rightful place.. “The peace that passeth all understanding” is then ones space & place of actual being…  

To live from the conscious heart the spirit based heart needs to regain its natural state and not be overruled by the confused and controlling mind/senses.  By the natural grace of realized beings/masters our fears are greatly dissolved and our primal hearts are re-opened to a unified existence. Only then can we be truly compassionate, creative, loving, and free.

Such grace is provided by the attractive and heartfelt relationship between a Realized being(s) and an aspirant of truth.  The immeasurable gift of association with a Realized being(s) has been declared by numerous great Saints, Yogis, Sages and  Avatars as the supreme and most direct path to experiencing unlimiting truth filled self transcendence. “Generally” it is only through relational grace and association with such beings that one may receive such a flowering/ baptism/spirit filled opening and thus quicken the dissolution of assumed personal limits and innate tendencies of the deeper personality.These tendencies/ characteristics are the common veils of one who is ignorantly living  a context of separation from ultimate Source or primal essence (often times referred to as Buddha/Allah/Christ/Tao/Big Mind/God etc. Whatever the tradition, it is all pointing to that same One-ness/Unification/ Primal Essence). Such a practice/process/association or relationship with  realized beings (both carnate and incarnate) is what guides one to the beginnings of what is most commonly called en-light-en-ment/rebirth and/or re-emergence as the very divine that you’ve ”Always Already Been.”   Believe it or not… Separation is impossible..


Bud-Ra-KChri-Da is such a teacher/guide.  Bud-Ra-KChri-Da  lives in and as the continuously spiritual, transcendental, love-bliss-full  state of  the Divine Transcendental Self.  By divine grace Bud-Ra-KChri-Da received profound spiritual transmission (shakti) from Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi the Great Sage from Tiruvannamalai India; then Arunachala Ramana, (a great devotee of Ramana Maharshi) who then became a great teacher/siddha (spirit baptiser)  in his own right..  As the final baptizing realizer, he was then connected to the incomparable Avatar Adi Da Samraj.   Bud-Ra-KChri-Da acknowledges that it is only by the grace-filled transmission gifted to him by such Great Beings and their all pervading lineage that he is a bridge / conduit for these great realized beings. Such association is the unseen factor that will guide/bless aspirants to that which transcends the illusion often called solid you/solid world..  This is the “by grace” supreme gift that  may flower when a sincere (Meaning fully surrendered, profoundly asking/desiring beyond all  other presumed concerns) aspirant comes into the company of a realized being with the utmost of sincerity. Such an aspirant should have “Absolute Truth (Nothing less than) as their sole/soul compass for such a journey..   Say it, with deepest intent and absolution to your deepest self.From here on out I demand perfect truth to manifest before me, as me ! ! …. I will trust and respond in any way necessary to have Absolute Truth be my experience.. ! !  Truth is my only guide in whatever form it manifests..  Such a truth demand will then be your much needed polestar ( servo mechanism) as one goes forward.  

The Gift

Bud-Ra-KChri-Da is a guide who lives as pure contentment, ultimate forgiveness/love, and truest compassion . Via and with supreme grace, Bud-Ra-KChri-Da  is available  to bring forth primal truth and greatest understanding for those who profoundly desire such understanding and are most serious about experiencing it. (Once again experiencing it, because all else is not “it”) This peace-filled love-blissful transcendental state of being is the always already present condition of  all manifested appearances”.  Unfortunately,  humanity is most generally greatly distracted from and meditating everything but communion with and as such a ever present Truth/Reality.  If after coming into our company for a period of time there is a lack of feeling association/heart connection/resonance with Bud-Ra-KCri-Da’s offering we will happily offer (if  asked) suggestions as to other appropriate and or beneficial  contemporary guides teachings and or possible practices/paths  ..   

The immeasurable gift of association/relationship with the realizer (one who is living or has lived from Ultimate truth), necessarily facilitates and effortlessly dissolves ones (over the illusion of time) egoic tendencies, unnatural character traits and  deepest fears/ignorances (or non-love).  Going forward we then (more and more) live as the definition of real love freely and openly “without fear or reprisal ” as we all become ambassadors for and as as the ”Only Sanity that Ever Existed”…

Bud-Ra-KChri-Da is here to guide/teach, and ultimately facilitate the personal awakening of the transcendental love-bliss-full state ofprimal truth that brings forth the deepest meaning and teachings of “Each and All” the esoteric scriptures known to mankind. 


May ones felt confusion, seeking, searching and innate suffering be dissolved  ”in,”  ”by” and “as” that which (the presumed) you always already actually are . . .   ” Enlightened  Primal Truth“….  


 This is real  Sanity for Humanity” ! !



 Welcome home,,,  Join us for our next consideration/meeting (Satsang) occasion by contacting us via e-mail.  Include your name, town, state and country of residence, gender, spiritual practices, past or present affiliations and your heart felt intention going forward regarding your spiritual life/practice.. Also you may include a brief bio of current and past happenings that have shaped your current creative manifestation.. This will assist us in understanding how we may guide one in the most efficient manner.. (all such information will be held in absolute highest security and confidence most assuredly as this is a “very safe place of disillusionment”)  


Forgiveness is unneeded if there is no judgement..